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Tasks for Kartikbhai,

1. Server update Upgrading wiki has the same process as installing a new wiki. Even it takes extra steps like Database table migrations. So if we upgrade it I have to do the following:

  • Creating new linux on linode
  • Installing latest PHP version
  • Installing latest MySQL database version
  • Applying database table migration
  • Importing all images and files
  • Installing MediaWiki latest version
  • Upgrading of MediaWiki extensions
  • Appying secret security patches

2. Import all basic templates like poems, quotes, tables, text formatting templets, Navigation box, borders, Info box, categories

3. Default like poem2 tag - (Justified indented paragraphs, little space between the paragraphs)

4. Perforated page dotted line

5. similar Fonts size for Gujarati, English and Hindi

6. Copywriter notes template

5. Searchable tags in English